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Mike was born in Hackney in East London and his formative years both personality and music wise come from his early life in the East end. His first music was introduced to him by his elder brother Dave who brought home various rock albums but Led Zeppelin’s first album was the catalyst for the first time he thought about being a musician himself. Over the next few years he bought a guitar and tinkered but was never any good to be honest (Mike’s words). Various other artists influenced him including David Bowie (I still have the mullet I got to try to look like him at the age of 13!!), Dylan, Pink Floyd, and lots more Led Zeppelin.

At 13 years old he saw his first live band called Evil Ways , they became Urchin and then Iron Maiden called on Adrian Smith to join then so not a bad introduction. At 16 he bought his Fender Strat that he still owns and plays to this day  (Lots of work, saving and a helping hand from HP).

Over the late 70’s and early 80’s Mike played in a number of bands on the London pub and club circuit (Krypt, Tarot, and a few others) but Mike feels he got away with it rather than actually being any good.

For a few years Mike stopped playing really and his love affair with music ended but like all lovers he eventually regained his love and started recording again and built a small home studio. Then came the chance meeting with Jules and the start of another part of his musical life more as a songwriter than a musician. That part is still developing and he plays all the instruments now (Bass, Keys and Drums have been added to his list in the last few years). Watch this space for more in the next few years as the music grows.


Jules was born in North London.

She began to sing classical music when she was very young and was selected to sing at the Royal Albert Hall when she was 7 in an Anglo-American Festival. She was supposed to go to a music school, but times were hard and ended up in a usual comprehensive with music going on a back burner.

In the following years, she trained to get a 'proper job' to pay the bills and singing, although behind closed doors, was always important.

In between work and studies, she entered a few music festivals along with other wide-ranging musical activities. She received some good reviews.

She has been influenced by a number of artists including Kate Bush, Eva Cassidy, Barbera Streisand, Crystal Gale and Celine Dion.

Her voice is colourful with depth and from the heart. Deceptively subtle with strong undertones.

Recently, she has worked with Mike and has started to write music. She has always loved music especially with original, stirring and emotional content and has enjoyed singing songs mysteriously out of the public gaze.........................................



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